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Monday, June 15, 2009

Beading Technique: Cuff Bracelets

If you are looking to make a statement, cuff bracelets are a stunning and versatile fashion accessory. We love this look because the boldness of a cuff can add interest to any outfit in a sophisticated way. Here are a few different techniques you can use to create a cuff bracelet.

One way to achieve the chunky, wide look of a cuff is to make a multi-strand bracelet. This look is simple to make and only requires that you know how to string beads onto flexible beading wire and use a crimping tool. You can choose how many strands you would like to add to make the bracelet wider for a “cuff” look. Play around with a variety of sizes, shapes and colors like mixing pearls with crystals and stones (see photo on top left). Multi-strand clasp and spacer bars can be used to join the strands together.

If you prefer a piece with more structure, create a cuff bracelet from memory wire. A multi-strand piece is joined together with spacer bars. Our example features four strands joined together with four hole spacer bars. However, you can use more or less strands depending on how you use your spacer bars. For example, you can stagger two hole spacer bars to join 4 or 6 strands. Also consider the size of the beads, which will affect how far apart your wire needs to be and which type of spacer bars to use. Using bigger beads will require spacer bars with the holes further apart, smaller beads will require spacer bars with holes closer together. Get instructions for the Summer Sparkle Cuff Bracelet. (See photo on top right)
For a simpler method, simply cut a longer coil of memory wire, and string all the beads on. You will get the width and stiffness without the trouble of multiple strands or spacer bars. (See photo on bottom right)
Our Sizzling Cuff Bracelet design creates a stretch cuff bracelet, made from connecting multiple pieces of beads strung on wire that is looped on the ends. This technique requires knowledge of wire wrapping. Wire wrapped components are strung on gossamer stretch cord so no clasps or findings are needed. The result is breathtaking and the patterns and designs are endless. Click here for detailed instructions for the Sizzling Cuff Bracelet.

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