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Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Keep Multi-Strand Bracelets Together

Multi-strands bracelets are such gorgeous designs and simple to make. Yet, many times, depending on many things, such as stringing materials, the types of beads and clasp, the strands splay apart on our wrist, ruining the multi-strand effect. This issue can be solved in may ways.

  • Use the most flexible wire that will fit through your beads, we recommend a 49 strand flexible beading wire
  • Use a multi-strand clasp which will help keep your strands evenly spaced and separated, using a single strand clasp causes the strands to be squeezed together at the clasp which often causes them to spread apart towards the middle of the bracelet
  • For hard to tame pieces, add multi-strand spacer bars throughout your design which will physically join the strands together, 2-3 spacer bars should suffice.

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