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Monday, December 14, 2009

How to Make a Name Bracelet

Name bracelets are very popular keepsake gifts and are often giving to babies, mothers, grandmothers and children on special occasions.

While there are many jewelry makers that can create one for you, it is easier than you think to make one yourself. This adds an even stronger personal touch to the bracelet and you can design it however you like. In addition, once you learn how to make one, you will know how to add strands, or make another when a new child a born. You will also be able to do your own repairs, or resize an existing bracelet for a growing child.

Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads (I prefer the ones with the rounded edges, for a more professional, finished look)
Sterling Silver Rombo Beads (these will be used in between the alphabet beads but are also great for spacers throughout the bracelet, chose the size that is closest, but smaller than your alphabet beads. Round beads can be used as well)
Flexible Beading Wire (such as Soft Flex or Flex Rite), choose any medium weight brand, you will use about 10-12" per bracelet depending on the size of the bracelet
Swarvoski Crystal Beads or Glass Beads (colors representing birth stones are often chosen, but use colors that you enjoy wearing or that will coordinate well with most of your wardrobe)
Sterling Silver Seamless Round Beads  (I generally use 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm, however the size should be scaled and proportionate to the crystal beads that you use)
Sterling Silver Daisy Spacers - these are great for adding little details into the bracelet
Sterling Silver Crimp Beads 2x2mm (one for each end, have some extras just in case)
Sterling Silver Clasp (either a toggle clasp or lobster claw clap will work great)
Crimp Tool used to compress crimp beads and secure clasps.
Flush Cutter for cutting and trimming flexible beading wire.

Feel free to choose any other beads or charms for your design.

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Silver Surfer said...

this is a great idea for grandchildren, in fact for their parents also.