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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pony Beads in Team Colors

Parents, teachers and kids love creating key chains, bracelets and necklaces to show their school spirit and team spirit.

We have alphabet beads so that you can spell out your team name as well as colored plastic pony beads in team colors. Plastic pony beads come in over 30 different colors in pony beads including colorful mixes.

Pony beads are a great option because of the large selection of colors and their cost effectiveness, especially for large group activities or fundraisers.

We also have plastic sports ball beads which are perfectly sized to work with our plastic pony beads and 7mm alphabet bead cubes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alphabet Beads for Grown Ups

You may remember stringing up plastic or wooden alphabet beads as a child. Now that we are all grown up, here are stylish options that allow us to spell with style.

Our satin ribbon bracelet and necklace design is simple and fun. Pewter alphabet beads, gold plated alphabet beads and sterling silver alphabet beads are classy and modern and allow you to create stylish and personalized pieces that will fit right into your jewelry collection.

These satin ribbon baubles make perfect gifts, ribbons can be tied at any length, making these pieces one size fits all.

Materials: metal alphabet beads, colored accent beads such as crystal beads, Czech glass beads or metal beads, metal charms with large jump rings, flexible beading wire, crimp beads, crimp tool and ribbon.

1)       Cut two pieces of satin ribbon. For bracelets, cut two pieces at 20 inches each, fold in half. For necklaces cut 30” each and cut in half. (Feel free to cut the ribbon to whatever length you desire or need.

2)      Layout beads in desired order, measure the length and add 4 inches. This will be the length at which to cut the flexible beading wire

3)      Attach a bead stopper to one end of the flexible beading wire. String beads. Add crimp bead to each end.

4)      Loop one end of flexible beading wire around the folded end of one piece of satin ribbon and crimp. Do not crimp too tight, create a “loop” with the flexible beading wire where it is attached to the ribbon. This allows for flexibility and movement. Repeat with on the second side

5)      Attach charms on the ribbon. We used 8mm jump rings. This prevents from crinkling the ribbon.

We opted to string our beads on flexible beading wire to allow for a wider selection of beads that can fit on the wire. Of course beads can be strung directly onto the ribbon, however, you will be limited to beads with larger holes. The use of a needle can aid in stringing ribbon through beads with smaller holes. Pull the ribbon through slowly to avoid snags, especially with organza ribbon.

No clasp is required- just tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck or wrist. If you prefer to add a clasp, you can use ribbon cord ends to attach your clasp of choice.