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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Use Cones to Finish Beaded Necklaces

When creating a multi-strand necklace, using cones can be an elegant way to bring all the strands together and finish the necklace. With good wire-wrapping, a clasp can be neatly attached for a well crafted look.

In order to use cones to finish the ends of a multi-strand beaded necklace, you will need to wire wrap a loop onto one end of a piece of 24 gauge wire. All the strands will be crimped onto this loop. Then insert the wire through the cone and wire wrap the end of the wire onto the clasp. The second end can be attached to a jump ring or extender chain.

Cones are available in many different styles. Some may be plain and simple, others will be ornately decorated. You will have several options so that you can choose cones that enhance the style your beaded creations.

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