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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beads & Links on Chains, Especially on Long Necklaces

Longer necklaces have become very popular (they are great for certain body types to slim down your figure or create the illusion of height), thus, more and more beaders are making their own stylish designs using links, chain, beads and pendants.

I have been asked this question so many times so I am posting a quick note in case anyone else wants to know - the question is, how to avoid the pointy dip at the bottom of a long necklace.

Sometimes this is intentional, but sometimes, depending on the design, we want to maintain that nice smooth, loop shape of the necklace.

The answer is simple - gravity and weight. It looks great on the design board or on paper - really cool chunks and links at the bottom of your necklace, but if not constructed the right way, there will be a pointy "V" at the bottom of your necklace.


  • Avoid single heavy pieces at the bottom of your design, they will act as a pendant and weigh the whole piece down
  • Wire wrap smaller components together to create the look of heavier, chunkier components. Wire wrapping to link these pieces together will give them more movement and the ability to maintain the curvy, loop shape at the bottom of your necklace
  • Distribute beads and components evenly to avoid asymmetry and an uneven look
  • Trial and Error - you don't really know how your piece will look until you try it on, depending on the design and placement of your beads and links, the length can play a big role. Beware that the necklace will hand differently on different neck size and people of different heights.
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sara said...

I really like beading! And I really like the concept of creating interchangeable Jewelry items, especially necklaces and bracelets. What a cool idea!

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