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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Layered Strands of Necklaces

Layering multiple necklaces is one way to enhance your attire and add dimension to any outfit. By putting together different strands of beads, you can create a dramatic look that enhances any ensemble that will be appropriate for any occasion.

Have fun and layer together strands in unexpected color combinations or incorporate colors from printed fabrics in your wardrobe. To create the perfect spring-inspired necklace, pair shades of lavender, pastel greens, light blues, champagne pinks, and silver. A more dramatic look can be fashioned by putting together strands of gold, bronze, oranges and browns. Another impactful layering strategy is to layer multiple shades of one color.

To keep your layers from getting too heavy or overwhelming, stick with bead sizes of 4 to 8mm when stringing your own necklaces.

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