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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tie It All Together: Beads & Ribbon

Soft materials like ribbon, leather and suede are a nice way to add a unique touch and a softer look to your handmade jewelry. Here are some simple ideas to incorporate ribbon and other fibers into your designs:

*Use ribbon to serve as a closure for chained necklaces or bracelets. The ribbon tie closure is especially convenient because it makes the jewelry adjustable in length. This technique is easy, simply string the ribbon through each end of the chain and tie around your wrist or neck.

*Strands of beads can be crimped and attached to ribbon, suede or leather.

*Color coordinated ribbon bows can add an adorable touch to a simple piece of jewelry.

*Knot beads and charms onto ribbon for a soft, feminine look. (Click here for more details on creating this look).

I love using ribbon in my jewelry designs, the look is ultra feminine, romantic and simply beautiful! There will be more ribbon jewelry designs to come.

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Pretty Things said...

I love this! So feminine and beautiful!