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Monday, March 29, 2010

Large Link Chain Gemstone Briolette Necklace

This is a simply elegant necklace that will showcase gorgeous gemstone briolettes on sophisticated sterling silver links.

Create this necklace at loose choker length. This will allow the necklace to drape around the neck in a circular shape. Choose a larger link chain for added drama. The chain featured in this example has 12mm links. When cutting the chain, don't forget that the clasp that you choose will add about 1" to the total length of the necklace.

Next, select one briolette per chain link. You may choose to arrange the briolettes according to color and size before wire wrapping them onto the chain.

I have been saving these exquisite tourmaline briolettes and this project is perfect for them. The size of the large chain link is well proportioned to the 10mm briolettes and the rich color of the stones makes them the perfect beads to show off in this design.

If you want to use smaller briolettes or other shapes, you may choose to attach more than one bead to each chain link. The result will be just as stunning.

Here are several way to attach a clasp to the chain to complete the necklace:
1) Use open jump rings to attach your choice of a clasp
2) Use matching beads to wire wrap the clasp to the chain
3) Use a matching satin ribbon to tie the chain around your neck
4) Use a simple "S" hook - see photo below 

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