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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is a stylish and unique design resembling a noose. Most designs are adjustable, but variations can be clasped in the front. My example does not require any findings except for two crimp beads and some wire. If you chose to use a clasp, a large, ornate toggle is a nice option.

The overall length is about 36" long. I chose a neutral palette of golden peach freshwater pearls, and brown and copper beads of Czech glass and Swarovski crystals. These neutral tones help highlight the wooden centerpiece and the fuchia jade pendant, which provides a dramatic touch of color.

I chose the wooden donut as the centerpiece for this necklace. The hole is large enough for two strands of beads to pass through comfortably. One end of the necklace is permanently attached to the donut (photo shows one end of the beaded strand is looped around the donut and crimped, smaller beads are used on this end).

To make this necklace, string all the beads onto flexible beading wire. I recommend using smaller beads on the end that will wrap around the donut. It is good to use beads that vary in shape and size, if your necklace is too uniform in size, it will not "catch" on the donut and stay in place.

After stringing on all the beads, wrap one end around the donut and crimp in place. Then insert the second end through the donut. Add any additional accent beads and a pendant to finish the necklace.

This necklace is adjustable in length by adjusting the location of the centerpiece. Since making this piece, I have created other variations and will share them in future posts.

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