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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beads, Buttons & Pearls

If you are ever at a loss at finding the right center piece or clasp, you can broaden your options with buttons.

When I saw this button, I just fell in love with it - the golden shimmer and the blue detailing of leaves. I felt it best to use this button as a focal point with simple, but elegant white pearls.

Buttons can be strung with beads or transformed into a clasp, in this case, I created a clasp with this beautiful button. The button did not have a shank, so I had to create one by wire wrapping a loop using gold filled wire. After creating this loop, the button could be attached with a crimp, just like any other clasp.
For the other end, I created a loop for fastening the button, using 11/0 seed beads. Since the button is 22mm in diameter, I strung 44mm worth of seed beads and added 4 more to account for the thickness of the button, this gives it just enough slack to slip around the button. Since the button fits sideways through the loop, it is unlikely that it will slip off.

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