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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blogging About Beads from NYC

Blogging from NYC!

It is such a great place and I found so many great things to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

I had the chance to visit lots of bead shops, button shops,  trim stores, hardware stores, and indulge in other sweet things (like cannolis and cupcakes!). We also stopped at my favorite pizza place in Times Square, a place I discovered while living in the city many years ago.

Since I live in Florida, it's always nice to go up north and see the autumn flora and fauna - Central Park was gorgeous!

I also visited the Swarovski Crystallized Store on Broadway, it was spectacular to see all the crystal beads on display.

Take a look at previous posts and future posts for all the ideas that I came up with while on my trip. I always enjoy collecting neat little tokens from different cities and incorporating them into a special piece of jewelry to remind me of the great memories.

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