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Monday, November 16, 2009

Memory Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet

Bangles are fun to wear and simple to make. This example features Toho Seed Beads in the Sea Green Mix which contains various seed bead shapes in shades of green. The multiple coils show off the simple elegance of Japanese seed beads.

Using Memory Wire: Memory wire maintains its shape on its own and clasps are not necessary. Memory wire cutters or parrot beak cutters will be required to cut the memory wire, other types of cutters will be damaged by the memory wire. Once you cut the memory wire, curl one end to create a loop which will prevent the beads from slipping off. Then thread the beads onto the memory wire, curl & loop the second end to finish. Charms can be attached to the loops on the ends or at different places along the length of the bracelet.

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